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June 25th 03, 03:22 AM
Agreed. The Asus cards overclock, very nicely. I've been running the V8200
pure at 250/500, since May of last year.

Clive stood up, at show-n-tell, and said:

> A non Ti version of a V8200Deluxe (like my own) is quicker than a the
> Ti200 version so I would expect to pay a little more than for a Ti200.
> Most of them will OC to Ti500 speeds or maybe a little quicker so if
> you get it for less than the price you mention you are basically
> screwing
> your friend over IMO.
> In article >,
> said...
>> Good day. :)
>> A friend of mine had an Asus V8200 Deluxe GeForce 3 lying around,
>> and he wants to sell it to me.
>> If my research is correct, there were three editions of this
>> released, one for each chipset -- the original GeForce, the TI200,
>> and the TI500.
>> Poking around pricewatch, I noticed that the TI200 edition of the
>> V8200 was selling for between $80-90. What's a reasonable price
>> that I should expect to pay for the previous generation chipset?
>> I really appreciate any feedback.
>> Thanks,
>> Adam

I'm sorry. Apparently, I'm feeling a little too psychotic this morning.

-The main character in Postal 2