View Full Version : G4 Ti4200 OpenGL TV out , clone, primary display woes

Byte Junkie
June 23rd 03, 04:57 AM
K, several annoyances.

1. I cannot get any game to play while TV out is enabled. (OpenGL)
(games I've tried Kingpin, Wolfenstein, Star Trek Elite Force 2)

2. In Windoz, cannot get anything other than an extended desktop when

3. Want to clone? (both monitor + TV showing identical) but can't
decipher how or is this what I'm even lookin for

4. Cannot figure out how or able to make TV primary display
(right clicking on monitor in display properties, it's there but
shadowed and unchangeable)

5. Annoyance - while playin windowed video on monitor while fullscreen
on TV, when minimizing monitor media player window, freezes video on
TV, prolly just normal and stupid IMO

I can play windowed mpg/avi/dvd in monitor shows fullscreen on TV
I can drag windows off monitor screen to show up on TV.
(extended desktop)

Prolly several other annoyances but losing track due to aggravation.

So what I have is...

Win98se updated with M$ chipset INFs, ATA 100z, for board, etc
Dx9 (from Elite Force 2 install)
G4 Ti4200 128mb 4x AGP (BFG Tech Asylum)
Gigabyte 8ie533 i845e chipset, onboard sound
P4 2.4B @ 533
512MB PC2100 crucial DDR
TV connected by S-video out 2 S-video in
Had most recent vid drivers 44.03, uninstalled and tried 41.09
same issues
BFG doesn't appear to tweak their drivers any, and point to nvidia for
updates The BFG disk comes with 30.82

whats depressing is my piece of ****e voodoo 3 3000 did all this

I want to see gameage on TV
I want to see monitor and TV with identical display
I want to see super fancy G4 card work umm better than outdated piece
of ****e voodoo 3.

Not to mention kingpin being old now 98ish runs like crap being a
simple graphics dependance game compared to 1600x1200 all highest rez
options in Elite Force 2 running smooth.

What gives??? Does everyone who argue 'Get a radeon' have a valid
point? I can't imagine why, they are the two major competitors in
the vid field.
O well, please let me know I'm just a noob and overlooking some
obvious setting/option. Many thanx