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June 23rd 03, 02:30 AM
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> wrote:

> While playing 3d games all of a sudden the screen starts blinks, flashes to
> a screen that looks like code and then flashes off, with system restart.
> Here's my config:
> Albatron KM266 mobo
> AMD 1300 Duron CPU
> 512Meg 266RAM (Centron)
> GeForce FX 5200 video card
> XP
> DirectX 9
> Just put the system together and installed all the HW and SW for my son
> (cracked the center heatsink off the old mobo while installing the new
> Duron). FX5200 was just put in along with everything else. People have
> been writing to make changes to the BIOS (shared memmory size and graphics
> aperture changes)- Don't know if my mobo will support this. Help please!
> Thanks.
> Rod

are you using a APG 2.0 or 3.0 compliant board?