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June 22nd 03, 08:13 PM
I realize this is probably more of an OS issue, but was wondering...

I do alot of Video out from my computer.. My older computer had an ATI
All-in-Wonder Pro 128 (Pre Radeon) card. (Win 98)

My new computer (Since I never did as much video capture as I thought I
would) I went with a GForce MX420. (And XP Professional)

But it's getting to be a REAL HASSLE to toggle back and forth from TV and
Monitor for primary display adapter...

When I put a DVD in the computer (Or media player or whatever), I can't see
the video (and can't choose menus) if the Monitor isn't the display
adapter.. So I have to have the monitor as the primary. Then,before I go
into the other room (X10 Video Sender), I have to switch to TV Out as
primary to be able to see it.

I wouldn't mind too much, except apparently to do that, I have to:
Go to video properties - Settings - Advanced - GeForce4 MX420 - NView
Display mode- Select the choice, choose "Make this the primary display" -
click Apply - Clock Accept - then click OK a bunch of times...

This is really annoying... I was hoping the NView might have an easy(ier)
toggle for this somewhere, but haven't found it...

I know I had primary and secondary on the other machine and ATI card, but
for some reason (98 versus XP??), it was better at displaying on both
moniters regardless of setting...

(Interesting note: If I have the TV Out set as primary and cue up a bunch
of Videos in Mediaplayer, they ALL show on the TV, but they show up
alternating on the monitor. First video blank monitor, next I'll see on the
monitor. If I cue up 3 videos, I'll eventually see all of them on the
monitor after a few passes. (Also, if I click next, the next video will be
blank. I have to let it go to the next video from a blank one to see it on
the monitor.) Weird.)

I hope I'm missing something easy...

Thanx, desiv

Paul Gunson
June 22nd 03, 11:07 PM
desiv wrote:

> before I go
> into the other room (X10 Video Sender), I have to switch to TV Out as
> primary to be able to see it.
> I hope I'm missing something easy...

lol, u are missing something easy ;) u shouldn't have to change the
primary output device. in the settings "Overlay Controls" set
Full-screen Device to "Secondary Display", that will run both