View Full Version : problem with auriga geforce4 mx440 64Mb video card and winxppro

David. E. Goble
June 22nd 03, 07:30 PM
Hi All;

I have a msi k7t turb2 (ms6330) v5 motherboard duron 1g cpu 1.1g pc133
SDRAM. Auriga geforce4 mx 440 64Mb ddr video card. Do not know what
version of drivers. 15 inch monitor. Running windows xp pro sp1, fully

Had this problem; the nView Extensions menu option, duplicates itself
over 30 times, giving one long pop up menu.

I downloaded the latest 44.03_win2kxp_international.exe, hoping that
the problem would disappear.

but the nView Extensions menu option problem is still tere and I now
get the occasional program spitting error dialogs. As well as the
whole system kind of pausing every now and then.

Is this a known bug...?

David. E. Goble
July 1st 03, 09:37 AM
On 30 Jun 2003 18:26:36 -0700, (Steven
Fillingham) wrote:
>If you find a solution, please post it, I am dying to get this one
>sorted out.
Hi Steve;

I finally got sick of it and disabled the nvidia extension. Goto
Desktop manager - disable nvidia.

I have not had anymore problems, at least that I could notice. It did
take a reboot to thou....

Its a solution, as it does not fix the problem, just removes it...