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June 22nd 03, 05:05 PM
I'm in the same boat!

"Edward W. Thompson" > wrote in message
> I have an Nvidia Geforce2 Go installed in my Toshiba laptop with WINXP
> Pro. I am presently using the latest drivers (circa 2001) published
> by Toshiba. Are there any "better" drivers I could use and where
> would I download them?

June 22nd 03, 07:23 PM

June 22nd 03, 07:58 PM
Thanks but CURSES - it looks like the mobiles haven't been updated in about
a year! What is wrong with these guys? I'll be looking for another VPU in
my next CPU if Toshiba and nVidia don't support their mobile video.

"Carygee" > wrote in message
> http://www.geocities.com/madtoast/

June 25th 03, 04:28 PM
I installed Microsoft approved (?) 44.03 with the Toshiba *.inf file on my
Satellite Pro. (used the GeForce2 MX 420 version).

So far, so good...