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M. A. Murr
June 22nd 03, 07:49 PM
Thanks for the input John. I think I will go with the FX series card for the
time being.
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> > I am looking for a new card to replace my aging card. I have 2 Asus
> > in mind but, not sure which one would be best. I am looking at the Asus
> > V9280TD (Geforce 4 ti-4200) and the Asus V9560 Video Suite (geforce FX
> > 5600). I am a gamer so I want to be at least a little future
> > one of these should offer the best game performance. I have read great
> > things about both so I was needing some input from actual users or from
> > those who know more than I do about these things. Thanks alot.
> >
> > Mike
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> I have a GF4 Ti4200 OEM, very fast, but not fully DX-9 compliant. Will be
> looking at the Fx's after Half Life 2 comes out.