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June 22nd 03, 03:47 PM
Hello all.

I have an MSI Ti4600 and I have a pair of my old Elsa 3D Revelator
glasses (but I'm missing the VGA pass-through cable) that I want to get
working with my new setup.

I tried these glasses with my Ti4600 by building a 3-pin adaptor that
hooked to the VGA signals. I have the nVidia 3D stereo software stuff
enabled but the glasses never turned-on/worked(the images in the games
did have the stereo effect though).

The Elsa Erazor III that the glasses came with used the VESA DDC pin(12)
for the control signal to the glasses with Pin 9 providing +5V and Pin
10 being GND.

So I wired my adaptor the following way:

Pin 12 VGA (VESA DDC) to Center Pin(on 3D Rev.), LR Signal
+5V from power supply to +5V pin(on 3D Rev.)
Pin 10 (GND) to GND Pin(on 3D Rev.)

More info here:


I'm wondering, where do the newer GeForce cards get the Stereo control
pin from? Is it tapped of the *secondary* VGA port's VESA DDC line?

If someone has a newer GeForce with the 3D glasses port could the use a
multimeter to check the center pin with respect to the other VGA pins?