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David Balazic
October 9th 04, 11:18 PM
Anyone had any luck setting it up W-O-L in the on-board ethernet
adapter ?

I enable WakeOnLAN in BIOS.
In windows Device Manager, I set "Allow this device to bring the
computer out of standby."
This settings work on other computers.

Then power off ( start menu / shutdown ) and send a wake up packet
the AMD Magic Packet utility to IP from a Windows XP
connected over a switch.

It does not work. My OS is Windows 2000 Pro SP4. I also tried Windows
Server 2003 Enterprise edition. It does not work either.


David Balazic

David Balazic
October 11th 04, 08:53 AM
Aha, selbst ist der Mann ! ;-)

This post gave me a hint :


But ! Read on...

After almost giving up, I tried the rset8139,exe utility to set that
setting to "Postive Pulse" ( no typo, it says so in the util ).
I also ( without trying first, stupid me ) changed the BIOS setting
"PME Event Wake Up" to ENABLED.

Then WOL worked !

But then I changed the "Postive Pulse" setting back to "Active High" (
at least I think it was that originally ) and WOL still works !

The thing is that the on-board ethernet i not connected to the
WakeOnLAN signal on the motherboard, but to the PME PCI signal ! So in
BIOS you can turn off the "ModemRingOn/WakeOnLan" option and only
leave "PME Event Wake Up" enabled and it will still work.

Whether the use of the rset8139.exe ( available from
http://www.realtek.com.tw/ in the download page for the 8139 chip, in
the DOS section , yes it runs only under DOS ) was neccessary remains
a mistery. Maybe setting the corect BIOS options was enough.

To summarize :

To enable Wake-on-LAN on Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra :
- in BIOS "Power Management Options" enable "PME Event Wake Up"
- in windows Device Manage in the properties of the network card on
the "Power Management" tab enable "Allow this device to bring the
computer out of standby."

If it does not work :
- update the network card driver
- play with the options in device manager under the Advanced tab of
the network card properties ( note that most Wake related options are
just fancy extra functionality, like wake-up on PING packets etc ... )
- if everything fails , try the rset8139.exe utility


That is, after you set everything up and it works, if you turn on the
PC, and then turn it off without windows being loaded ( like in some
BIOS screen or the boot loader screen ), then it will not wake up on
WOL packets !!!
To have it work either :
- boot windows and there select "shut down" ( or "standby" )
- boot windows and pull the electro cable ( this "simulates" a power
outage );
after restoring power , the PC will detect WOL packets and wake up

Question :
- how does it then work under linux ?
I'm not sure, but will test it as soon as possible.

David Balazic