View Full Version : Reset on return from stanby ( GA-7VAXP Ultra )

David Balazic
October 9th 04, 11:12 PM

After I updated the BIOS of my GA-7VAXP Ultra from F6 to F7, the
computer resets after getting back from standby ( S3 STR mode set in

This is what happens :
- boot windows 2000 pro-sp4
- select start menu / shutdown -> "Stand by"
- the PC turns off ( Suspend to RAM, looks like power off , but RAM
is kept )
- pess the key on keyboard to turn back on
- PC powers on, but after a second, before windows comes back to life
it resets ( the CD unis "click" and the the BIOS screen appears and it
boot form begin )

With BIOS version F6 , it nicelly wakes up from stand-by.
The same happens if I use Windows server 2003.

I believe the same happened with BIOS version F4.

Any ideas ?


PS: I think this is related : When powering on from real power off, or
pushing the reset button, it resets twice. That is , the CD drives
click and then while the screen is still black, after about 3-4
seconds they click again. This also happens with BIOS F7, but not with