View Full Version : Problem with hibernation and GA-7VAXP

Thomas Wohlgemuth
October 5th 04, 09:40 AM
I use a GA-7VAXP (BIOS F11) with Promise RAID Controller. All harddisks (4)
are connected to the RAID controller. The four possible devices from the ATA
controller connected to CD-ROM and burner devices.
So when I try to set my Windows XP in hibernation mode I get the message the
Hibernation will be prepared and then the black screen with the progress bar
appear. At this moment I hear a click noise so that all harddisks stop
running and hibernation crash with blue screen.
When I now press reset button the computer restart but the promise
controller donīt start try to detect the connected devices. It is only
possible to restart the computer with cold start.

It seem to be that the promise controller are disabled at the moment
hibernation start so that the hibernation could not save the data on the
Is that right? Can anybody help me so that I can use hibernation mode?