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Frank Walker
October 2nd 04, 04:41 PM
Please assist if you are able:

Trying to identify a MOBO with the following six attributes:

*Socket 7/Super 7

*Intel chipset

*Stable operation at 100 mHz FSB frequency

*Minimum four (4) PC 100 sockets

*AT or ATX (doesn't matter)

*minimum 512K L2 cache - 1 M would be welcome

All six of the above attributes must exist _without exception_.
For example already have found this board except with three
PC 100 sockets. This is not a go for me.

Reason for this request:

This board should be relatively inexpensive. Already have
processor (K6-3+) and memory to populate such a MOBO, and
cases. This is my least expensive route up.

Not asking or wanting you to SELL me this board. Just requesting you
to advise/suggest make and model. Of course if you have personal
experience to share that would also be appreciated, too. Thanks!

Frank Walker