View Full Version : Realtek 3.62 installs/doesn't install

October 1st 04, 09:49 AM
I recently downloaded and succesfully installed the Realtek 3.62 drivers and
Sound manager software on a GA-81PE1000PRO XP system at home.
I sent the same file <drivers_audio_realtek_whql.exe> to my son (not online
yet at University) who has a GA-81PE1000PRO-G XP system. The files seemed to
extract OK, he ran setup.exe and all seemed to have installed OK, but on
restart, XP does not see the drivers, nor is the sound manager installed. He
tried setup.exe again with NAV and ZoneAlarm disabled - in vain.
Can anyone please explain what might have happened? System at home has a STA
Media 7.1 soundcard. His is a Philips PSC604. Might there be a conflict with
the Philips card? Should he disable or uninstall the Philips drivers first?
Might one of the files have become corrupted in the transfer to CD? (if so,
surely the installation would have failed).
I'd be grateful for some suggestions please.
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