View Full Version : 7VTXH+ - Bad BIOS Flash

Orange Barrel
September 29th 04, 01:08 PM
I am in BIOS hell.

Through a comedy of errors, I have managed to trash the main and backup
BIOS on a 7VTXH+. To add insult to injury, I ordered two pre-flashed BIOS
chips from BadFlash.com only to find out after the fact that the original
BIOS chips are soldered to the mobo. Bleh.

In any event, the computer has a floppy, a CD-RW, and a CD-ROM. When the
computer powers up, I can see the activity lights on the CD and DVD cycle
back and forth a few times. The floppy shows no activity. After the lights
cycle on the CD and DVD, nothing happens. Of course, I have no video.

I've tried the floppy boot recovery for an AMI BIOS. But, since the floppy
doesn't seek, that didn't work. I've also tried a CD boot recovery. It
seems like the CD is being read, but nothing happens.

A few questions:

1. What BIOS boot recovery methods, if any, does a 7VTXH+ support?

2. Is it worth unsoldering the old BIOS chips and replacing them with the
ones I ordered? I suspect it would cost more than a new mobo.

3. What is the world record for throwing a 7VTXH+ like a frisbee?

Thanks in advance,