View Full Version : New Nvidia 5.10 drivers - install or not??

September 29th 04, 12:11 PM
quick question...the gigabyte mobo site shows 2.41 as the latest
version of the nvidia chipset drivers...yet I go to the nvidia site
and they show 5.10. should I upgrade to the 5.10 and stay current with
Nvidia or only install what is on the gigabyte site?

in the past with Abit boards I noticed that the mobo site was always a
few revs behind the chipset maker (Via in the Abit case). I always
used the latest from via and never seemed to have an issue.


September 30th 04, 01:54 AM
I read a posting somewhere that after putting in the 5.10 drivers they could
not boot their XP SP2 machine....I have them in but am running 1A and all I
noticed was a little better throughput on a RAM benchmark.