View Full Version : Memory Recommendation for K8NS Pro

September 21st 04, 03:36 AM
My previous board was a K8N Pro and I had Corsair TWINX 1024-3200LLPT and it
worked like a charm but it topped out @ around 235FSB. Recently I purchased
a Gig(TWINX) of the XMS4400 with the spec 3-4-4-8, my question is will this
necessarily work as well or better? Recently I've used it on 2 other boards
that overclocked horribly, MSI K8N Neo Platinum and Abit KV8, both of which
are respectable boards at default, rock solid but couldn't overclock above
220 worth a lick, hence why I'm returning to Gigabyte & the K8NS Pro(3rd
mobo in a month) which I should've done in the first place. I've read that
the Crucial Ballistix seems to work well with many Athlon64 rigs, and that
the higher clocked(DDR500 & above) doesn't sit well with the A64s,
especially the newer CG cores, can anyone shed any light on this or other
quality ram that will work well with this board? Thanks to all in advance
for any suggestions and help,

Best Regards,