View Full Version : Disk and other problems with GA7N400Pro2 rev2

September 13th 04, 09:32 PM

I need your help to understand if my 7N400Pro2 rev2 is defective or
if i have some software configuration problems:

I have three hd, all mounted in removable drawers.
One is attached alone to the primary ide controller, the system drive
is attached to one of the two ite gigaraid (configured as ATA - no raid)
channel (if i attach it to the primary ide winxp won't boot, unless i take
it out
the drawer, did anyone get the same problem?) and the third hd is attached
to the second channel of the ite gigaraid controller.

I often get System error in winXP pro event viewer related to disk and
iteraid: usually is a sequence of two errors repeating 10 times or more:
1) NOTICE: an error occoured to the device \Device\Harddisk1\D during
a paging operation.
2) ERROR: the device \Device\Scsi\iteraid1 didn't respond within the
expected time,
and so on, repeating 1) and 2) for 10 times in 3 minutes or more.

I've tried all bios versions, now i'm using bios FH. The ITE gigaraid
bios is version 1.41, while the drivers are version
I'm using Nvidia nForce 2 ATA controller v2.5.
Sometimes i get similar errors even with the cdrom, which is attached to
the secondary IDE channel, so the ITE gigaraid is not responsible in this

I'd like to understand if my board is defective, so that i can get it
replaced in warranty, or maybe if it's me that i'm doing something
wrong: what are the best driver version for the chipset, the ata controller,
and the ITE chip?
What kind of tests can i try to point out where the problem is?
More, what chipset driver do you use? those on the gigabyte website
or the latest nforce driver released from nvidia? The 2 packages differs
a lot in MBytes, so i guess they're not exactly the same.. but the GB
is not very good imho, i mean: i can't find a changelog of bioses, and also
the drivers release date would be very appreciated, so it would be easier
to immediately realize if a new version has come out or not (i can't
the version number of all drivers from time to time!!)

I also would like to know what audio drivers do you use with this board:
the realtek drivers or those from nvidia?

Since march, when i bought this board, i screwed up a 'new' maxtor 80gb
ata133 and my dear ibm ic35l 41gb, which worked perfectly for 2 and1/2
years on another board is having problems like damaged sectors.
I changed the Psu, but problems remain.

I have 2 256MB TwinMos pc3200 modules in dual channel.

The last question :) all the above happen with no overclock.
Since i have a Barton 2500, with blocked moltiplier, i tried to raise the
to 400mhz, but my system is not stable, unless i overvolt the vcore a
but even in this case stability is not very good, so i used no overclock
today, but i'd still like to try: in your big knowledge and experience,
timings would you suggest me to try for my memory modules, at 200fsb?

I would be grateful for any suggestion or assistence, and i hope my
english is understandable enough :)