View Full Version : GA-7VTXE+ Rev 1.0 Bad capacitors and bad mosfet

Eric P. Anderson
September 13th 04, 03:12 AM
Three capacitors were leaking on this board (the three in a row behind
the audio jacks), so I ordered replacements and soldered them on the
board. Back when the board failed, it somehow fried the logic board
on my wife's hard drive. Now, there are two MOSFETs very close to the
capacitors that I suspect failed. The plastic is a bit melted on the
top of them. Unfortunately, all I can make out is that they are a NEC
part that starts with the letter "K". The mystery MOSFETs are labeled
Q57 and Q60.

When I try to power on the system, it acts like there is a short
somewhere, e.g. the CPU fan spins around a few times, and the amber
led comes on near the ATX power connector. Then, nothing... And this
is running the board in an isolated environment, without any
peripherals attached.

Can anyone out there with this board take a gander and see what the
numbers are on these MOSFETs? Any detailed insights into whether they
could cause this problem would be appreciated as well...