View Full Version : new cpu for micron pc with ga-7dx rev 2.2

Richard Waters
September 5th 04, 07:40 PM
My pc has a ga-7dx rev 2.2 and is running the stock amd 1000 cpu. I started
looking into upgrading the cpu, and that lead me to upgrading the bios.
Right now I am still running an f1 bios from the micron sight.

When I check the gigabyte site I see f6, f7 & f8 bios upgrades, but they
mention rev 3.0. Can I use any of them with my motherboard? If not, is
there a bios upgrade path?

Even if I can use the bios, I am still a little fuzzy on if I can use the
recommended/compatible cpu's as the info for this on the gigabyte site also
refers to rev 3.0 motherboards.

Any help or guidance is appreciated.