View Full Version : vnxp cpu fan speed

September 1st 04, 09:19 PM
Just put together a system, with a k8vnxp and a 3200+ ( newcastle)cpu.
no temperature problems,but the fan does not spin any more than
No matter how hot the CPU gets it doesnt spin any faster.( like its
suppose to re F5 bios)

The highest the cpu has got is 47 degrees, the lowest 36 degrees

at first i questioned the easytune 4 software, but in the bios under
PC Health, the temps are the same .

anyone any ideas?

Moritz Kuerten
September 2nd 04, 02:36 PM
Is the fan the AMD boxed fan or from another manufacturer?

The temperatures are prety OK, but my boxed fan on 3000+ Gigabyte K8VT800 Pro r=
uns between 3000 and 5500.