View Full Version : Modem driver required for GA-6WMM7 Rev 1.4

August 30th 04, 03:54 PM

I've reinstalled Win98 SE on a friends PC & found all MoBo drivers from
either the Gigabyte or Intel sites. All I am missing is a driver for an AMR
slot modem, I think it could be an Aztech device, the only identifying
numbers on it are ACSC93300345 & 6765590000 which are on a sticker on the
metal backplate & 050-523600-203 stamped on the back of the board itslf.
The MoBo is a GA-6WMM7 Rev 1.4 with an Intel chipset (FW82810), Intel's
chipset identifier, displayed it as 810L. Can anyone point me to a 98SE
driver for this device please?

Cheers, Jase.

October 14th 04, 10:03 AM

A little late, but this is it my m8