View Full Version : GA7VXP Raid Drivers.

August 30th 04, 01:42 PM
I am having a problem getting Striped Raid 0
drivers loaded during the Windows XP install
"F6 to load drivers" phase. I F6 fine.

When I am give the load drivers screen my only
choice there is "S" for select (there is no "O" for other).

I then insert my driver disk, which has only the three files
for loading the Fasttrak133 Lite XP Raid Driver:


The XP installer then comes back and says it needs
file "txtsetup.oem" and errors. I have searched far and
wide for "txtsetup.oem" for the Fastrak133lite 20276
chipset and even tried to write my own (didn't work)
with no luck.

Has anyone here had sucess installing these drivers
during setup? How was it done and/or where can I get
the "txtsetup.oem" file Windows XP is crying for. Is there
any other way to build a striped raid 0 array on this
motherboard? I can see where building a mirror security
drive couold be done from within the OS, but it appears to
me a performance array needs to be inialized during the OS

Thnks in advance for any tips. Strip the nospam off
reply directly via mail.


System specs:

Loading WinXP Pro SP1 Full
GA-7VAXP rev 1, Bio's F4.
XP2400+, 1.5 G Kingston Ram
Two WD70GB special editions (for raid array someday?)
WD260GB special addition, storage,
Radeon 9700 Pro 128
SB Audigy.
Plexor PX708A.
Enermax 430 PS