View Full Version : FI BIOS suck!

Richard Dower
August 16th 04, 06:57 PM
I had to go back to the FH BIOS, please note you must flash both the main
and backup BIOS when reverting.

I tried a fresh install hoping that would help the bootup lag...no help at
all. It is without doubt a BIOS issue as the FH BIOS, which i have now
reverted to, work perfectly fine.

When i restart or a fresh bootup it detects my RAID 0 array and boots from
the SATA raptors super quick. With the FI BIOS i have to wait a solid 30
seconds before it boots from the SATA drives.

If anyone else has experienced this problem please email Gigabyte so we can
get a new BIOS revision to correct this issue!