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Ted Warring
May 29th 04, 12:09 AM
I am no longer sure of the number of people that I have heard claim to
"know how to solve AI". I could list at least half a dozen that most
everyone in the newsgroup would recognize. The characteristics of the
claimants usually divides them into two groups:

1 - Those that have only begun to look into the "problem", but feel
certain that their personal insights and intuitions indicate the
"problem" can be solved if they truly apply themselves.

2 - Those that have spent more time in the field, and feel that if
they have just a little "more" of something that the solution will
emerge. Sometimes that is more connections, sometimes more RAM,
sometimes more speed, sometimes more rules or a bigger knowledge-base.
This belief is usually based upon whatthey feel to be promising
initial experiments, and the hope that doing the same thing on a
bigger scale will have proportionally better results.

The one thing common to both groups is that none of them have
re-surfaced with a working general intelligence adequate to produce a
robotic butler, electronic replacement for the family dog, or even
advancement in factory robotic intelligence making them a millionaire.

The ones that simply disappear have my sympathy, the ones that demand
that we all believe them without any proof (and usually without a bit
of evidence) are kooks.

One of my favorite responses (borrowed from Jack Dunietz) is: "The
proof is in the pudding".

Perhaps one of these days someone will come back with just such proof,
but to date I hear nothing but shouted professions of having the best
pudding recipe on the planet.

What is worse though, are those that spend their career focused on the
exact speed the mixer should be set to (and insulting all those that
disagree), and never attempt to make pudding themselves.

Personally I would be happy to see some pudding, no matter who the
chef was.

-Ted Warring

"David B. Held" > wrote in message >...
> "Scott T. Jensen" > wrote in message
> ...
> > [...]
> > Would that secret funding be from the Men In Black, the Illuminati,
> > or the New World Order? Or would you have to kill me after you
> > tell me?
> Actually, that "secret" funding would be from the IT dept. of any
> corporation with something to gain from AI technology. If you
> were a Fortune 500 CIO and had working AI in your dept., who
> would you tell? Why?
> > Whoops! Sorry, everyone, I've been feeding the trolls. I'm done
> > with this person.
> I'm not the one claiming to have an AI so powerful I need a cluster
> to run it on.
> Dave
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