View Full Version : USB header housings for front panel case connectors

Bob Flosse
May 23rd 04, 06:48 PM

I am finishing up buiding a new PC for the roommate(A 8XGNXP 3,2ghz)
and I have a question about the USB front panel connectors that come
with new cases these days (In my case an Antec Lanboy).

The Gigabyte board shipped with a rear header for the USB and 1394
connections already wired and ready to plug into the MB and indeed
they work.

My question is with the setup on the front panel connection on the
case. They terminated each pin it into individual housings and then
you are supposed to plug these into the header row. Well that is
proving to be a complete PITA as they just don't stay in. So I want to
pull those out of the individual housings and use a normal housing.

So one question I have is, is there a source to buy these housings
somewhere? Also the connectors each have 5 wires coming out of them
while the header rows only allow for 9 pins total. I see that 2 of the
wires are ground connections, so I assume that I can eliminate some of
these, but which ones? The ones that make up the shield ground or the
one that is the logic(?) ground? My DVM shows a common ground between
all of the ground wires so does it really matter?