View Full Version : More K8VT800 Pro problems

May 18th 04, 09:26 PM
After having one board faulty due to BIOS problems (ending up being
caused by the PSU) I had problems getting the second to detect memory
- it would freeze at the memory test stage of the BIOS. Third board
arrived and wirked fine for two weeks and the same thing happened -
anyone else had problems? Any suggestions for what may be causing it -
got a Radeon 9800XT, Pinnacle TV tuner and 56k modem, as well as 2
160GB Maxtor SATA HDs and a DVD-ROM and DVD-RW.

The memory is Kingston KVR333X72RC25/1G, a single 1GB DDR333 stick.

Moritz Kürten
May 21st 04, 01:05 PM
I have the K8VT800 Pro running since two weeks and it is perfect
stable. I bought one 512MB Infineon 3rd PC400 RAM. It works fine.

I'm happy about a really good sound quality, specally the Mic-Input!

My PC is equipped with
- PCI Hauppauge TV Card
- Tekram SCSI Controller
- ATI Radeon 9200SE AGP
- HD Samsung 1614N IDE
- Pioneer DVD 105 ATAPI
- BenQ DW822 DVD-Writer ATAPI

The SerialATA and the IDE-Raid is at the moment not used.