View Full Version : System will not boot

April 11th 04, 11:30 PM
have a system based on a Gigabyte K8VT800 Pro with an Athlon 64 3400+
and one stick of 1GB DDR333 - a Kingston KVR333X72RC25/1G. the system
will not boot, reaches the point where it does the memory test and
freezes - cannot enter setup etc. Tried the system with no drives
connected, no PCI cards, different memory (another stick of the same),
reseated graphics card, processor, etc. as well as another PSU. Was
working fine util yesterday pm - froze up, restarted and this
happened. My only thoughts are board, chip or RAM - cannot test these,
no other system to hand - but it has been working fine for several
weeks. Ideas anyone?