View Full Version : EasyTune & BIOS monitor inconsistences

trimble bracegirdle
April 7th 04, 06:52 PM
I have a gigabyte ga-8ipe1000 m/b P4 2.6 Overclocked to 3ghz.
Can some please comment her re: inconsistcies between the BIOS setup
monitored values
and those shown by EasyTune 4 and other utilities in Windows. (I have turned
things up for overclocking)
BIOS setting for CPU core volts 1.6 volts ..... EasyTune shows 1.65 measured
but 1.75 !!!
on its current settings frount panel ..CPUzid utility gives .1.62.
BIOS setting for DRAM 2.8 v Easytune claims 2.9.
CPU Temperture. BIOS shows around 30 to 33 c ...Easytune monitor never sais
more than 24c (yes really) ...if I touch the (standed) Heatsink side it
never fells more than slightly warm

I have the correct BIOS code ...the above results were the same confusion
with an earlyer BIOS ver.
Machine is working OK.
Is there another monitor/overclocker for this board ??
(sorry spelling));)