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September 1st 03, 10:21 AM
Howdy , there doent seem to be many posts on this mobo.
Its either a close to faultless mobo or rare mobo to find.

I have this board , i cant say much about the sata raid as I dont use it
but as for everything else it runs flawlessly with WinXP pro
Mine is used primarily for games and the only game i cant get to run is
motoracer 2 due to it not compatible with winxp.
The rest no problem .ie. BF1942 plus mods , Medol of Honour , need for speed
1 to 5 , Soldier of Fortune 1 + 2 , Sin , Grandtheft Auto 3 + VC ,
Wolfenstein and many others.
I do a little bit of photo editing with adobe PhotoShop 6.0 and video
conversions with tmpgenc and Nero.
I dont use the onboard sound because i believe the SBLive sounds better
especially with EAX on.
I use the LAN with a crossover cable running at 100 Mbps.

My system contains :
8PE800 Ultra board , 2.53gig piv , 1*512Mb infineon DDR400 memory
ThermalTale Spark7 PIV cooler on the cpu (I can recommend this)
Segate80 GIG hd on ide3 running at ATA100
Sparkle Geforce TI4200 running at 270/540
Sound Blaster Live sound card (onboard sound diasbled)
Panasonic dvd rom on ide1
Imation 24*10*40 cd-rw burner on ide2
Usb mouse MS intellimouse
Nasty BenQ keyboard that was real cheap

I built this system about the time the piv2.66gig @ 533 fsb was released so
its about 6 months old give or take and ive had absolutely no problems.
Updated the bios to 8pe800u.f5 was originally F4 to see if I could overclock
Hope this is of some help


"Brett R" > wrote in message
> G`day guru people in the know,
> Have a request for you all. I am looking at the 8PE800 Ultra board, has
> anyone had any experience with this board especialy with the SATA RAID on
> board RAID. You know, the usual stuff, how it runs, what are its pit falls
> if any and are there any programs or games that seem to have a problem
> this mobo. Is there any hardwaer it conflicts with.
> Brett (Cairns)