View Full Version : Problems booting-up GA-8IHXP mobo with FastTrak TX2000 & Adaptec 19160 SCSI card

August 30th 03, 10:28 PM
I have a GA-8IHXP (Rev 3.0) mobo with a Promise FastTrak TX2000 RAID card
and Adaptec 19160 Ultra 160 SCSI card installed, and a Seagate 36GB Ultra160
hard drive hooked to the Adaptec card. For some reason, the mobo will hang
when booting into WinXP when both these cards are installed. Whenever I
remove one card, the system will boot normally into WinXP and everything
works great.

I tried moving each card into a different PCI slot, alternating each one
having a higher priority slot, but nothing seems to make a difference. I've
noticed that the Adaptec card will boot OK with the FastTrak if I remove my
Seagate Ultra 160 SCSI hard drive from the card. Otherwise, I will only see
one BIOS menu appear on bootup from either the Adaptec card or the FastTrak,
but not both.

I upgraded both the FastTrak TX2000 and Adaptec 19160 with their most recent
BIOS versions, as well as the most current BIOS version for my mobo. What
else can I try? Since it appears the Seagate HDD seems to be the crux of
the problem, I am going to try different ideas with it, such as change the
SCSI ID and maybe upgrade the firmware. I was thinking of playing around
with IRQ assignments on the Adaptec & FastTrak cards, but this seems futile
since everything is PnP and its WinXP anyway.

Thanks for any ideas......