View Full Version : GA-7DX+ recognized 128mb sdram as 4mb

August 29th 03, 09:13 PM
This is very weird, I get this comptuer, with this board. It appears
to work otherwise fine, well as well as a comptuer of 4mb of ram can
anyway, and it recognizes this 128mb pc2100 chip as 4mb. I've taken
the chip to be tested and it came out fine. I've talked to giga-byte,
and they've never heard such a thing. Incompaitibility with a ram
chip is supposed to cause it to not work at all, or maybe half of the
size be recognized. The person I got it from, suggested I pull the
bios battery --- but since the computer hadn't been used in a month
plus, and all the settings/clock were back to defaults, it is unlikely
that would help either. Despite what GB says I'm still thinking its a
compatibility issue with the ram, or maybe even that first ram slot in
the computer is damaged, I don't know. I'm probably going to have to
buy more ram just to be sure, but I'm curious, as anyone EVER seen
anything like this? thanks.