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August 25th 03, 09:32 PM
I did have problems with Sandra and onboard sound card. Had to
uninstall it in order to stop sound problems. I'm also having
systematic system reboot when running Nero Tools (CD Speed...)

"Alphad" > wrote in message news:<eIF%[email protected]>...
> Actually I don't think PSB parking or switching control resources to "no"
> had anything to do with fixing the crack problems. I haven't fully tested
> this yet, but I think running Sandra Max3 causes the cracking to occur even
> after Sandra has been shut down. Perhaps is some of the benchmarks. I'll
> test it out some more when i get some time. Anyone ever heard of this
> occurrence?
> "Alphad" > wrote in message
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> > I ENABLED PSB parking and switched control resources automatically to "no"
> > in the BIOS and now the Audigy 2 works properly.
> >
> > Thanks for all the help.
> >
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