View Full Version : CROSS :: GA-8KNXP bugz and bytes

August 24th 03, 10:50 AM
Can someone tell me if I can access ITE (GigaRAID) BIOS? I have it set on
ATA in the main BIOS and then it just performs an autodetect of my HDDs plug
to it... BUT it takes it a long time to run detect, and when it does that
EVERY time I reboot it annoys me.

Did someone find a solution for that?

My Win2000 is installed on a SATA drive plugged to ICH controller, and after
selecting Win2000 from the boot menu it takes it at least 10 seconds of idle
timeout before showing that textual Starting Windows progress bar.

Does someone else have the same problem? Is there a fix for it?

F6 final BIOS. What are your impressions? Does it fix problems or make

And finally! Something I found out. By default BIOS sets higher Vcc voltage
then needed by the CPU that leads to overheating. Just surf to Intel site,
get a PDF with specs for your CPU family and set the Vcc manually in BIOS on
the lowest value that works.

I have a P4 2.4Ghz HT and it worked on cca. 1.5V and 70 degrees Celsius and
now I set it lower (EasyTune reports 1.36V) and the temperature is 20
degrees lower (max. 50 degrees Celsius with closed case and full load).