View Full Version : GA-7vaxp and Barton 2500 overclock

August 22nd 03, 08:21 AM
Hello All,
I recently swapped out my 2100xp with a new Barton2500 and added a 2nd
stick of ram.

I was a little disappointed that my ram got stepped down to a bus size
of 333 from the 400 level I had the single stick at before. I'm
using Corsair XMS512 PC3200. On the other hand, I did increase the
CPU bus size from 266 to 333 with the stock Barton before

This board will not allow two sticks of ram to run at 400...but that's
okay, I've got everything else maxed out on this ram and it runs
stable at cas2.

I have successfully overclosed the fsb on the CPU to 182 which
automatically increased the RAM bus to 364. This chip is running
cool for me at 37c right now so I doubt it gets much hotter during
games. The system remains stable at FS2004 and returns a
3DMark2001SE score of 13177. I have a GeForce 4 Ti4600 video card.

I have not messed with the multiplier option, I've only increase the
bus size. Be advised that Easy Tune 4 works but in order for the
sytem to remember the bus size you set it at you will need to make the
change in the bios otherwise the computer forgets the easy tune

Now, is there any trick to squeezing any more out of this CPU? I
tried 187 (another 5mhz) using easy tune 4 but that froze the system
up. What about the multiplier option? I'm a newbie to OC'ing and
am amazed at how easy this one.

This system now makes a great Flight Simulator rig.