View Full Version : Re: GA 7N400 Pro - memory and sound advice please

August 21st 03, 11:47 PM
> > The 7N400 Pro will decode Dolby Digital via the SPD/IF out. I have
> actually
> > had the opportunity to compare the nvidia APU side by side with an
> Audigy2
> > and, In my opinion, the nvidia APU is every bit as good.
> If this is the case, why are the Windows XP audio drivers for the
> GA-7n400 Pro on Gigabytes website labeled "Realtek"?
> At the end of the Tom's Hardware article that you have provided a link
> to, it states "For AMD fans, we can only recommend the excellent nForce
> 2, provided it is implemented on the motherboard with the APU. But be
> warned, a lot of manufacturers don't actually use this part of nForce 2,
> going instead for the slower, conventional audio chips."

What are you disputing? The fact that the MCP-T southbridge includes the
nvidia APU, or that fact that the 7N400 Pro comes with the MCP-T?

If it isn't obvious by now, I do not own the 7N400 Pro. However, I do own
the Asus A7N8X Deluxe which has the MCP-T southbridge. Therefore I guess my
response was directed more at the nvidia MCP-T than the 7N400 Pro itself. I
think you raised a good point about the drivers though, and I'm wondering if
anyone has tried the unified driver set from the nvidia site with this
board, which would include the appropriate driver for the nvidia APU.