View Full Version : More on 8KNXP and RAM compatibility

Bob Davis
August 21st 03, 04:47 AM
In an inquiry to GB tech support, I received this reply regarding the memory
I presently have installed in this computer:

"Please check the Kingston, is it PC3200 with 2.5v or 2.6v on the module? If
it is a 2.6v, it does not work properly on this board."

Has anyone heard of anything like this before? All Kingston PC3200's listed
for this mobo on the Kingston site are 2.6v, and Mwave.com is selling the
Kingston modules in bundles with the 8KNXP. Are both Mwave and Kingston
wrong in listing these modules as compatible with this board? Gigabyte has
no voltage specs for RAM compatibility that I can find, and only that it is
compatible with PC3200.

I notice that Crucial's PC3200's are 2.5v, but I didn't check any other
manufacturers. If these Kingstons are 2.6v modules, should I set the DIMM
voltage in the bios to +0.1v? In normal mode is it running 2.5 or 2.6v?

I originally wrote Kingston because I was getting repeated errors on
Memtest86 v3 only at the very end (98%) of Test 5. All other tests from
Memtest86 and Microsoft's memory tester show no errors, and the system is
very stable with no issues at all. I'm running 4x512mb modules of Kingston
KVR400X64C3AK2/1G (two matched sets for dual-channel operation), which are
listed on Kingston's site as being compatible with this mobo.