View Full Version : [ga-sinxp1394] please give me a hand on sata bios

andrea agnoletti
August 20th 03, 04:06 AM
regarding my issues with f6(raid2) bios, i decided to downgrade bios
from f6(raid2) to f6 official, but the problem remains, because it is
IMPOSSIBLE to enter the sata bios utility with <ctrl+s> or F4.
i do not have any sata hd attached on sata controller, and maybe this is
the default behaviour of the utility, to say that if there are not
devices detected from controller, it is impossible to enter the sata

at this point i ask someone who have ga-sinxp1394 to try to enter the
sata bios utility with <ctrl+s> or F4, in order to know if it is a
normal feature or if my mobo has problems.