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August 20th 03, 02:03 AM

That is what I have. I do boot off SATA ok, but only if the 2nd disc (IDE)
is plugged into the ITE & it is configured as non RAID (the manual says
'ATA' I think).

However, the thing that doesn't work is if you have an IDE disc in the
standard Primary Channel but want to boot of the SATA disc.

I tried again last night. What a nightmare.

If I reset everything then the Boot Order menu show SATA, ITE, Intel
(something like that). If I disable ITE and set SATA to ATA (IE non RAID),
one has to reboot for the boot device order to change (ITE stays i think)!
When one reboots, the boot order menu now somewhat randomly shows SATA and a
blank line or ITE and a blank line, or ITE.... so thats stuffed - no wonder
it can't find things.

For the OnChip SATA: If SATA is set to Manual and the two interfaces are set
to IDE Primary Master / Slave:

If there is a disc in Pri IDE as master, then if I set the First, Second,
Third boot devices to HDD0, 1, 2 or any combination it doesn't look at the
SATA disc at all - only the Primary IDE - this results in no boot device
found. This seems to be regardless of boot order - which I don't trust
considering it usually has a blank line...

If SATA is set to Manual and the two SATA interfaces are set to Automatic:

Much the same happens.

Anything else I could try apart from a new bios that doesn't exist yet?

The current bios is F5, I have tried that later bios F6K with the options
above, but the ITE completely disappears off the mobo and since I still
can't get it to boot off a SATA with a Pri IDE present and F6K is beta, I am
still using F5........... 'cos I still have to use the second disc drive.

Thats the story, well almost. In between times, I find I have to reset the
cmos as the bios has got its own data in such a twist that replacing
everything and re-enabling the ITE results in an ITE that doesn't work - no
scan requies reset of cmos.

This indicates to me that the bios is not managing its own data correctly -
that it is progressively getting more corrupt with each change. I have never
had to clear cmos before this mobo (bios I would prefer to say).

OS is XP with all patches.

- Tim

"gilgamesh" > wrote in message
> You have to disable the raid for the Intel controller in the bios and have
> your SATA disk plugged into that.
> The disk will "appear" as one of the IDE disks and you can choose to have
> as the master to boot off.
> "Tim" > wrote in message
> > Hi,
> >
> > Has anyone figured out how to boot off a single non-raid sata drive with
> an
> > ide drive plugged into either of the standard IDE connectors? IE without
> > using the ITE RAID controller?
> >
> > Any news on an official bios update?
> > Are gigabyte always this slow in fixing things?
> >
> > The 6fe bios floating around kills the ITE RAID on my system completely.
> >
> > - Tim
> >
> >