View Full Version : Re: 8knxp & silicon vs ICH5R Raid

Ron Zahavi
August 19th 03, 07:31 PM
I initially connected my two drives in RAID 0 to the ICH5R with the F5
and they were recognized after I downloaded from Intel the updated
driver and used it during windows XP install. I was experiencing some
problems with one drive (at least the controller was telling I was),
so I switched to the SI controller. It didn't recognize the RAID 0
and I had to reformat and restore from backup, so I assume going the
other direction also won't work.

"Ken" > wrote in message >...
> Ive got the 8KNXP with 2x seagate sata drives connected to the silicon
> serial ata ports. I have my hard drives in raid 0 configeration. I would
> like to see if i can connect my drives to the ICH5R raid serials instead.
> When i built my pc i couldnt get my drives to detect on the ICH5R ports with
> F5 bios. So i connected them to the silicon ports instead. I now have bios
> F6K and would like to see if i can get the drives to connect to them now
> Would i have to re build my raid to do that? My guess is yes. But would be
> great if i wont have to. Which raid out of those is better? Here im only
> getting 37,000 kb's in sandra hard drive file transfer test. I should be
> getting more than that. Before i was getting up to 65,000 kb's. But dont
> know why i cant get that now. I have installed the standard intel chipset
> drivers. I tried to install the intel raid drivers but can only find raid
> driver sets that support the ICH5R serial ports.
> Ken