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Rod Speed
August 19th 03, 06:35 PM
Mark M >
wrote in message ...

> I am thinking of getting the Gigabyte 7VAXP-A
> mainboard which has 4 IDE connectors.

> What rating of power supply would I need to
> support this sort of board and eight IDE devices?

Thats still mostly determined by the AMD cpu
requirements. Just get one of the AMD approved
power supplys with a higher power rating.

> BTW is this mainboard a good choice?

I prefer Asus motherboards myself.

> In particular I like the dual BIOS feature and the 4 IDE
> connectors. But are there any obvious drawbacks?

The Gigabyte manuals can leave a bit to be desired in my opinion.
Have a read of that one and try to use the RAID connectors for a
non RAID config with say 6 hard drives and you will see what I mean.