View Full Version : Re: How to Switch to 4X-AGP on GA7VAXP?!

August 14th 03, 06:26 PM
Get rid of the hacked BIOS and download the real deal from Gigabyte. Gosh!
You wanna ruin something? It's no joke!

Amir Facade
August 17th 03, 12:25 AM
In the BIOS of my GA-7VAX it is under 'Advanced BIOS Features', Flexible
AGP 8X. You can change it to 4X or Auto.

"Onyx" > wrote in message
: Hi!
: I have the following problem:
: I have a GeForce 4 with AGP 8X which locks up everytime I play a game
: (looks like the system is going into standby-mode). If I use a
: windows-tool (powerstrip) to set the AGP-speed to 4X everything works
: perfect!
: Now i want to set the AGP 4X in the BIOS (so I don't need the
: windows-tool), but I can't find the "AGP Mode" entry there! So I've
: downloaded and flashed a hacked bios where every option should be
: available (also the AGP-Mode entry) but I can't find it! (I already
: used CTRL-F1 in the BIOS to show all options) - the current AGP Speed
: is displayed (8X) but why is this damn AGP-Mode-entry unavailable! It
: can't be!
: Any ideas???