View Full Version : Re: GA-6BXC Rev 1.7 dead after BIOS Update

August 12th 03, 10:05 AM
"Uwe Leuckert" > wrote in message
> I have flashed the bios on the 6BXC in Windows XP with the @Bios - tool
> the Gigabyte website. The program said ok and I made a reboot. Then
> comes up. No beep, no video, no post, no led on cdrom and floppy. The fans
> and the hdd are running, power led lights.
> Is there a way on this motherboard to make a bios recovery? I don't have
> another Gigabyte board to make a hot-plug flashing in the other mobo.
> Board Revision is 1.7
> thx
> --
> Uwe Leuckert
> www.badflash.com will sell you a new bios chip.