View Full Version : [GA-sinxp1394] problem accessing siI3112A sata raid bios

andrea agnoletti
August 1st 03, 02:11 AM
i have updated the bios with snxp1394-f6(raid2).rar by paul rovero and
others on

i think the bios is correct, now i haven't any hard disk (:-( my ide is
at maxtor to repair) and i 'd buy a sata disk, so i tried to enter the
siI3112A sata raid bios to see some things, but the issue is that IT IS
IMPOSSIBLE to enter the bios!!!!!!

i correctly enter the main bios with <del> and the ITE IT8212 bios with
<ctrl+f> (my ide disk was on that controller), but after, when i press
<ctrl+s> or <F4> to enter the sata bios, the system go forward with the
boot (and stops, because there are not hd...); sometimes, when i
continue to press, the internal buzzer rings, but there is no way at all
to enter in that bios...may be this a problem?

i do not think it depends upon to have not installed a hd, because
accessing the bios should be independent...and in fact i can access the
ITE bios without any disk on that controller.

Paul Rovero
August 1st 03, 03:52 AM
Hey. I'm Paul Rovero. Sorry you're having problems with the BIOS. In
fact, I only updated the SATA BIOS because people had requested it, I don't
use the SATA myself. I suggest you register and PM someone there who is
using it. However, I think that if the SATA portion of the BIOS was faulty
someone would have mentioned it.


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