View Full Version : ga7zx wierd problem after upgrading to winxp

July 28th 03, 09:06 PM
i just upgraded my win98se to winxp...however when i completely shut down
then restart, my keboard has an exclamation next to it...i can uninstall,
then restart and i have keboard functionality. Only after i complete
shutdown and restart do i get the yellow exclamation point for the keyboard.

also, i have a new case for this board that comes with 2 usb ports upfront.
where on the board can i install these 2 usbs? any suggestions... the
reason being the keyboard works with usb, but i only have 2 usb ports that i
am using already..


July 29th 03, 10:13 AM
For the usb's on the front of your case look on your motherboard book to see
where they are, then connect the cables from your case, to your motherboard,
noting the correct orientation of the wiring, by that I mean check the pin
arrangement is as the motherboard is. On my board GA 7N400PRO there is 5
pins above with 4 below, the cables on my case were both 4 pin connecters
with 2 xtra earthing connections , pin 4 on the both of them(the motherboard
and case) is the earth, hope I haven't confused you to much :-)