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Reinhard Schuepferling
July 28th 03, 11:42 AM
Reinhard Schuepferling wrote (2003-06-14 10:07:37 PST):

> Problem fixed. I'm using now an extra IDE-Controller:
> Promise Utra100 TX2 [1,2] (30,-EUR)
> - own drivers (95b-w2003) (no Win-updates necessary)*
> - hardware-BIOS
> - works like an SCSI-Adapter-Card with IDE Channels
> - IRQ-sharing is no problem

As addition, the Controller-Performance varies with the PCI slot.
When moving the card from PCI slot 2 to 3, the copying speed doubled
with my hardware configuration.

Boot-up with the card take's a while. After the BIOS has finished, the
Ultra100 needs 6s scanning for drives.
The windows-enumeration needs ~17s * at start-up. Don't know why.

And there seems to be a conflict with an old isa-SCSI card (UDS-IS11)
shipped with my scanner (UMAX Astra 1200S FW3.1).
If the Scan-software (Vistascan 2.43) ist startet during (HD-)access to
the Ultra100, the Scan freezes.


(couldn't place a reply in the original thread)

* Boot Log Analyzer
10:38:09 16.72 Enumerated Win9x-ME Promise Ultra100 TX2 (tm) IDE
Controller (PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_4D68&SUBSYS_4D68105A&REV_02\BUS_00&DEV