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Fred Klingenmeier
July 27th 03, 08:53 PM
You need to update your raid drivers, not nVidia drivers. After raid was
set up Windows XP did so automatically in the Windows update drivers
"sid" > wrote in message
> Gigabyte GA-7N400Pro (nForce 2) matched with
> WD1200JB
> WB800JB
> IBM Deskstar 40's (RAID 0)
> On my previous Mainboard EPOX 8KHA+ I was getting about 30K; with the
> WD1200JB (SiSoftware Sandra 2002 Professional) with the new Mainboard I'm
> only getting 20K (ATA100 setting in BIOS and XP set).
> I've looked for updated nForce drivers but the situation seems a bit
> confusing 2.41 was out and now the latest seems to be 2.03.
> Any similar experiences.
> ott