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Richard Dower
July 21st 03, 06:53 PM
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> "Richard Dower" > wrote in message
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> > Yes...there is an option in the BIOS for this, power on by USB keyboard.
> Thanks Richard,
> I saw the "USB Keyboard" in the bios but wasn't sure if that was what it
> for. Thanks for the info.

Also note, you must also enable this device to bring to computer out of
To do this, assuming you have Windows XP, right click on My Computer and
then click on the Hardware tab.

From here click on Device Manager and then from the list expand the Keyboard
tab, right click and click on properties.

Then click on the Power Management tab and ensure the option to bring the
computer out of stand-by is ticked accordingly.

But most likely it will be tick when you enable the keyboard power on option
in the BIOS.