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Bob Davis
July 19th 03, 09:38 PM
I had a RAID0 array (2x100gb WD1000JB) on another board with a Highpoint
controller, but any performance improvement was only apparent on benchmarks.
The ITE setup on the 8KNXP is renowned for its mediocre performance,
although I've never tested it, and when I set this new system up I went
instead with one drive. Performance is excellent and I have no plans of
implementing RAID0 on this mobo, at least not 'til I go SATA, and even then
will only do so as before if performance is more than slightly better. I
work with large photo image files and originally thought RAID0 might give a
meaningful performance boost, but I find that I'm missing nothing with this
single drive. YMMV.

I am not sold on the value of RAID1. If you have a corruption of the main
array, the mirror will likely also be corrupted. If you get a irreparable
virus on one, it'll show up on the other. What I've been using for over a
year is a cloning/daily-update system with Norton Ghost, performing a disk
clone (not image file) to one of four rotated HD's. These HD's are mostly
older drives (20, 20, 40, and 80gb) that I no longer use, but are still
useful for backups. Since I keep C: lean (usually <15gb), I have no trouble
cloning to the smaller drives. Also, one of the 20gb drives is kept
off-site for security against fire, theft, etc. The cloning process takes
about 1 min/gb on this system depending on how fast your drives are. My
slowest drive clones at about 700mbps, and about 1600 mbps using two
8mb-buffer drives.

My daily update consists of a backup of critical files (business databases,
email, OE configuration, address book, etc.). I use eBackup for the OE
files and a batch file for others. These backups go to D:, which is a 100gb
WD drive that was in my RAID0 array. The C: drive is a new Maxtor 160gb
(8mb buffer) unit.

This cloning scheme has proven its value more than once. If a newly
installed program goes awry and FUBARs everything, I can simply use my
latest clone to restore C: to its state when cloned, then restore the other
files from D:. The only things that won't be restored are programs and
updates installed since the last clone, but that should cause little trouble
getting back to current.

"Davek" > wrote in message
> I am considering buying 4 Western Digital 120 GB drives to
> set up on the GigaRAID IDE RAID to handle RAID (0+1) but had
> a few questions before I spend the money for the drives:
> 1. How does a 0+1 array compare in performance to a simple
> single drive...is it slower due to the RAID-1 part of the
> array? Or does the RAID-0 component of the array completely
> make up for the RAID-1 overhead? If this setup is going to
> end up in slow drive performance I don't want to spend my
> money on the 4 drives.
> 2. I will also need to place two IDE optical drives (DVD
> writer and a CD burner) on this board. For optimum
> performance where would you place these? There seems to be
> a lot of different ways to configure drives and roms on this
> board. Right now I have no immediate plans of using any
> SATA drives. I just want to do the 4-HD's in a RAID 0+1 and
> hang the 2 ROMS for best performance.
> - Dave Kistner