View Full Version : BIOS ROM checksum error on GA-8SG667

Chris D
July 19th 03, 03:12 PM
I've had my PC for about 3 months now when it suddenly hung during a "Switch
User" operation under XP.

Upon reboot the following message was displayed.
Award Bootblock BIOS v1.0
Copyright (c) 2000, Award Software, Inc.
BIOS ROM checksum error
Detecting floppy drive A media...

I have tried cold reboots and warm resets but with the same results.

It is not possible to enter BIOS setup (i.e. by tapping DEL during boot) as
it doesn't get this far. I removed the CMOS battery leaving overnight, then
tried again but with no success. It won't go any further and if a boot disk
is used doesn't recognise the hard drive etc.

I tried removing all cards and connections from the motherboard and have
reconnected only memory, graphics card and floppy but still didn't work.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-8SG667, so I downloaded bios_8sg667_f5.exe
Flash Utility program, and extracted zip to a DOS 6.2 boot disk.

The Flash Utility loads up but displays but the message, "The Flash part is
not supported". Followed by, "Make Sure the Flash is not protected".
If I press enter again it displays, "Chipset isn't available".
I also tried the F3 version of the Flash Utility but with the same results.

I have consulted the motherboard User's manual but cannot find any jumper
settings which could be helpful (none seem to exist which "unprotect" the
BIOS to allow flashing).

The BIOS chip itself appears to be soldered to the motherboard. A label on
it says PhonixBIOS, D686 BIOS.

I would appreciate any suggestions and help that you may be able to give me
on this matter.

July 19th 03, 06:13 PM
"Chris D" > wrote in message
> I've had my PC for about 3 months now when it suddenly hung during a
> User" operation under XP.

I would double and triple check your doing the BIOS upgrade correctly. It
looks like your floppy is working ok. Make sure you have the correct bin
file for the BIOS upgrade. On page 7 of the manual you will see a picture of
the board. Look at the CL letters under neath the FDD connector. That CL
stands for CLEAR. Connect (jumo) these two points for 10 seconds with a
piece of metal while the battery is IN and A/C power is OFF. This will clear
the BIOS. Then you can try to reflash the BIOS if your have the correct bin.

If that fails then you need to return the motherboard under warranty.