View Full Version : Skybuck reached rank 1 in ranked season 13 in World of Warshipsmostly with destroyers.

August 28th 19, 08:39 AM
I have reached rank 1 of ranked season 13.

For me it will be a lot of fun to advise other players how to play destroyers and so I will be producing some video over time. Very soon "destroyer school" and "how to play destroyer" will begin ! ;) =D

For now enjoy my ranked videos:

And now I feel like I am in a position to advise other people =D :P

Especially when it comes to destroyer play.

I have already produced some videos how to play destroyer in ranked.

And I shall produce even some more videos:

Here is the first batch of videos with some tips and tactics:

For now I use my camera, however over time if there is interest I will try and improve the quality especially when I buy a new computer =D

Here is a link to the play list:


It contains 9 videos:

1. The first video shows me almost reaching rank 1, one star away, the "pre-fun" =D

2. The next 6 videos shows me giving some tips/tactics and there is also some feedback for wargaming how to improve their game further.

3. The last 2 videos are shout outs to other players/people I saw playing this game ! =D HI THERE ! =D

(Use the video links on the right side in the playlist to progress through the video parts !)